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What A Lovely 4-Bedroon Elegant Designed This House Is

Gone are the days where all the neighborhood have the same houses. This is still visible in some areas, a specially townships areas, they would use the same house plan to build houses for the whole neighborhood. This type of a thing is really not attractive, what's attractive is houses like this one. If you want to build a new house, don't go to your neighbor and ask for their house plan, rather opt for a new house plan so thay your house can be different and unique

According to the designer of this house, this house has a total of 4-bedrooms. It is more likely that one bedroom is a master bedroom and the rest of the bedrooms are standard. From what we can see, this house has a double garage with a single door. When you look at this garage, you can see that it has a unique design, it has some sort of a small veranda or something like that, and it makes the house soo beautiful. This house is also designed in a complicated way, it's not really easy to tell which side is the front view and which side is the back view. We are used to seeing the main door of the house and the main door of the garage on the front side of the house. But as you can see from the pictures, the garage is on the other side and the main door of the house on the other side

The house has plenty of concrete pillars which plays a big role on how attractive the house is. It also looks like the designer of this house designed it to feature aluminium windows and doors as we can see from the front door. The overall design of this place even has a swimming pool, something we hardly see from other designs

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