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Dreams that shows that death will come to your family check details below (opinion)

Death can shown up in many types of dreams, dreams are important, because they are message from ancestors

Dreams are important to every person, every dream is importantwhen dream repeat more than once, you need to find interpretation, because that dream means alot, if you forget your dreams

You can use incense Burn incense before you sleep, dreams is where your ancestors give you guidance about things you need to do

Today we look for dreams that shows that death will come to you or you family or relatives, all following dreams shows that death is coming

Dreams are interpreted according to your reaction in the dream, how did you feel, where were you in the dream, do you know people on your dreams

Sometimes a dream can mean two different things, like when you dream about yourself being pregnant, that means you have the calling

it also means the is certain blessing from the ancestors that is coming to you, blessing can be a job or a child that have the calling

When your dream about dirty water that shows you have a bad luck, you must consult a traditional healer for cleansing, a traditional healer suppose to take you to the river

garbage of grass

Sorted maize

water that flows inside the house

red meat dreaming of people slaughtering or carrying red meat, people preparing red meat that shows death will occur

tears when you dream of people crying or someone close to you, that show death is coming to your family

car when you dream about car doesn't always shows that death is coming it depends on the action of car and you in the dream

Pay attention to your dreams they mean a lot you can find solution for your problems in your dreams

Source Mr mavuka and African traditional chemist, Google

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