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Top 4 South African Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Weed was once an amazingly stealthy movement stowed away from the world. Simultaneously, clinical pot promoters and weed industry instructors have been the main impetus to get weed sanctioned. One surprising social power has been the developing number of female big names partaking in weed.

Much similarly that the design world is embraced, when it's finished by somebody who's somewhat fruitful, smoking week is depicted as light fun, a type of taking care of oneself or simply unwinding. In any case, in case of discussion, its more probable utilized as a sign of moral disappointment. Besides, regardless of whether somebody is glamorizing weed or just pushing for it can land diversely relying upon who is hearing the opinion.

Notwithstanding how you feel by and by about weed, there is a developing unforeseen of female VIPs who partake in ganja or have transparently visited about their past utilization.

Here is a rundown of South African female famous people who partake in ganja.

Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild was naturally introduced to a melodic family, with her mom being a hip-bounce maker. Furthermore her mom is a jazz artist, and her cousins Kwaito vocalists. Sanelisiwe Twisha is a performer and artist. She is likewise popular for her blue hair. The performer is viewed as a sex figure and is proud for parading her body via online media. She likewise adores talking uninhibitedly about sexuality. In any case, she shared on her Twitter account that she partakes in weed, however she doesn't utilize cocaine.

Pearl Thusi

The previous Real Goboza moderator clearly became angry when she saw somebody taking photographs of them, to such an extent that she purportedly pursued the man prior to crushing his camera.

The distribution cited two sources who demand that Pearl was partaking in weed.

Zodwa WaBantu

She has been standing out as truly newsworthy for some unacceptable reasons. She caused ripple effects via online media in regards to her separation with her now ex after she freely blamed him for being a scamster.

She has her own show called – Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored.

Zodwa partook in weed, and she was exceptionally open with regards to it to her fans. She even posted on her Facebook page that "l will quit partaking in weed the day my eyes can see my ears".

In the video, she is seen partaking in weed and from Dladla's chuckling, you could perceive that he was additionally inebriated. She can be heard undermining that she will smoke individuals like she partakes in weed.


Emtee has allegedly conceded that he's been partaking in weed beginning around 2012, however is as yet inflexible that it was not the reason for his new fall in front of an audience.

In a meeting with Drum magazine Emtee clarified that his fall was a consequence of depletion instead of the overflowing theory that it was brought about by substance misuse. "I didn't fall on account of being high. I have gathered honors, I have done meetings, composed tunes and performed while high on weed and that was never an issue," said Emtee.

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