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Success From Giving and blessings of others

Life has become so hard that many people have moved away from Ubuntu( humanity).

Life was meant to be a gift that each person can give to another in so many ways as blessings to each other. But unfortunately we have became most cruel creatures than lions and leopards. You check on the zoo, you can see that a mighty lion is kept in a cage with simple steel cage. But you check out the prison where criminals are locked up, there are so much more than 3 security doors to ensure that the criminal doesn't escape. But still you find that criminal does escape from prison to get back to their "work".

I so wish that with the latest technology system and smart phones we can use all these devices and development to heal a world and make it a better place for every citizen. Many of us have now caged our house and install so much security doors and alarms just to keep away from intruders. It's no longer like in the old days where we used to welcome strangers in our homes and provide them food and a night of rest so that they can rest and continue with their trip the next day. Our parents always had a extra plate when cooking as a offer for a visitor who may show up from a far country. But today you don't even trust your own brother or sister. The world has become a rough den of two-legged beasts that we call human beings lol.

If we can really go back to embrace technology, we can make more money than ever before rather than plan heist of those cash-in-transit vehicles. Why don't we plan an internet heist? Whereby nobody will be shot or hurt but we can all secure loot or make money fair and square. We have smart contracts and smart technology system and Tron that can get us to be wealthy while we sleep. We can even open online spaza shops or even online malls. The internet has so much to offer but we turn a blind eye to it.

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