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Funny messages to make your day

When it comes to messaging our funny, sarcastic and witty side can just kick in instantly and below we have gu Iathered some of funny messages we have came across.

Achuuu! The pun of sneezing as the sound made while sneezing is like when saying "at 2".

The reality is parents actually have the superb come backs than we might give them credit.

Looking at the first time he has sent the message and was told to try again in a year and did just that shows another level of being patient.

Well a shot missed the target by miles.

She is for the streets and as such boyfriend in law exist.

Don't shoot yourself trying to shoot the person who has fired first.

Some words that we are waiting to say.

There is always that one married man chasing someone.

There is that one person who knows how to cheat, unfortunately some know them because they were cheated on.

More messages below.

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