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Have a nice day with these funny jokes and photos

We are expected to always be joyful and happy throughout our lives. You may always create happy moments for yourself by using various methods. You don't have to wait for others to make you happy; instead, you may make it happen for yourself. Taking the time to look at amusing photos and read jokes is an important part of making yourself joyful. Here are some carefully selected jokes and images to brighten your day:

Ochuko awoke dejected because it was his birthday and he realized he was a year older, but he resolved to make the best of it. So he showered and shaved, expecting his wife to meet him with a huge kiss and the words, "Happy birthday, sweetie," when he came downstairs for breakfast.

He went to have his breakfast, all smiles, and there sat his wife, as usual, reading her newspaper. She didn't say anything at all. So he brewed himself a cup of coffee, made some toast, and pondered, "But, oh well, she'd forgotten. He stated that his children will be downstairs in a few minutes, beaming and cheerful, singing "Happy Birthday" and presenting him with a thoughtful gift."

He sat there, sipping his coffee and waiting. Finally, the children dashed into the kitchen, crying, " "Give me a piece of toast, please! I'm running late! What happened to my coat? I'm going to be late for the bus!" Ochuko went to work, feeling more miserable than ever. His secretary welcomed him with a wide smile and a joyful "Happy birthday, boss" when he went into the office. She then inquired as to whether she could bring him some coffee.

Ochuko felt a lot better once the secretary remembered her birthday. "Since it's your birthday, why don't we have lunch together?" the secretary remarked later that morning when she knocked on his office door. "That's a fantastic idea," he remarked, thinking it would make him feel better.

So they shut up the office, and because it was his birthday, he suggested, "Instead of going to the normal location, why don't we drive out of town and eat lunch in the country?" So they drove out of town and had a couple of beers and a great lunch at a small out-of-the-way inn. "Why don't we go to my apartment, and I'll fetch you another drink," the secretary suggested as they drove back to town.

Since they didn't have much to do at work, it sounded like a nice plan. So they proceeded to her place, where she had some drinks ready for them. "If you'll excuse me," she remarked after a while, "I think I'll slip into something more comfortable," and she went for the room. She emerged from her bedroom door a few minutes later, carrying a large birthday cake. Ochuko's wife and all of his children followed her. And there he sat, naked except for his socks.

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