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Laugh till you shed into tears

For me maths class is like watching a Chinese movie with no subtitles. Today I'm checking up on everyone, when you see this post just say 'I am fine'

Dating a guy named Peter is dangerous. What if he denies you 3 times? What if?If a nurse is sick and another nurse nurses the nurse, can the nurse nursing the nurse nurse the nurse the way that nurse wants to be nursed?

When auto-correct change your 'I'm hungry' text to 'I'm h*rny' and she replies, I'm coming I wonder why men can not stick with one woman, but can stick to one football club which has not won any trophy since 2004... I am not saying it is Arsenal First I was born without my permission, now my future is in my hands. I wonder why those who planned to give birth to us do not take responsibility and our future be on their hands

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Arsenal Chinese Peter


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