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THlS is my life now. Pictures Of People Before And After They Had Kids.

Nobody knows how deep you'll fall until you're there, but once you're knee deep in it, you're knee deep in it. These before and afters are distressing yet oh so raw and real, and they hit too close to heart. You want to discuss glow down? Have a child.

Ha There's nothing glamorous going on here! With all of that put aside, there's a lot of love and a lot of laughs. It compensates for everything. That is what makes everything worthwhile.

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1. "I am owned by the toddler."

2. I'd call this a pick-me-up!

3. Breastmilk and coffee That's the way things are these days.

4. There was a time when...

5. This is my current situation.

6. This is now my entire life.

7. You're a rockstar!

8. "My napkin is my father."

9. You will forever share your meal...

Have I mentioned you're constantly hungry? This is why LOL.

10. I drink to stay sane now!

11. Kitty replaced with a baby!

12. I am now a platform for stickers.

13. There's also a glow up!

It's all right...all it's right!

15th "What is your core strength? I'm a mom to two little ones!"

16. "We used to be cops, but now we're in prison."

17. From the plane to the bed in the car.

18. It's emblazoned on his face!

19. Similarities. Everyday!

20. Having your own child sit on your face is like a rite of passage.


22. Mom, I'm curious about what's inside!

23. "I have to wear baby in order to do things." It's all about life.

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Love and prosperity to you.

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