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Beautiful flat roof house you will not guess the features it has. Has a ground plan.

As we all know that a house is a necessity and there is a lot that comes with building a house. You really must not envy people who have huge houses or laugh at them because they have built small houses. People's pockets are not the same and as you already know people prefer different things.

I present to you this beautiful and well built house, according to my opinion. How many rooms do you think this house has? Whatever your answer may be make sure that you drip it in the comment section below. Do not forget to like and share this article as it may be helpful to others that are out of my reach.

Here are the features of the house. This house has a double garage, a plain lounge with a dining room and a kitchen. There is a master bedroom with gull ensuite and a closet. There are also 2 standard bedrooms.

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