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Check Out Top 10 Most Expensive Homes In The World

When it comes to homes, we know that many people do have dream homes they have and this does not always come true for most people. Some are made to just settle for what they did not want, and this is because of many different reasons. However, some can live in their dream house. We know that only the rich can afford these houses and there is nothing that one can not find in those million-dollar houses. These are the kind of houses that are tailored to one's specific needs. Some are even worth billions.

These million-dollar homes knew no limits when it came to furnishing or decorating. “Mega mansions” or “a million dollar house” doesn’t cover it: the world’s biggest house comes with 240 bedrooms and 535 other rooms.

Some of the other most expensive homes ever sold are vertical palaces designed to withstand earthquakes or sprawling estates with breathtaking views. It is just one of the kind.

Here are some of those homes we have compiled for you. Admire the luxury that is out there and just maybe, you might see yourself living in a luxury home. We know that some people had to work hard for these things while some just get it easy. If you are not one of those people who are not getting it easy, then you just have to work hard for it.

1. Buckingham Palace $6.7 billion

2. Atilia $ 2 billion

3. Villa Leopolda $ 750 million

4. The One $500 million

5. Villa Les Cedres $4.3 million

6. Les Palais Bulles $ 385 million

7. The Odeon Tower Penthouse $330 million

8. Four Fairfield Pond $248 million

9. Ellison Estate $ 200 million

10. Pallazo di Amore $195 million

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