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Despite Having No Legs And Only One Hand, This Body Builder Found Love

Many diverse stories of remarkable persons can keep you motivated to pursue better things in your own life. I refer to these individuals as extraordinary because the things they accomplish despite their circumstances are simply amazing.

A Body Builder, entrepreneur, and inspiration to many, this young man is known as Nick Santonastasso. He is 24 years old and works as a Body Builder, as well as an entrepreneur. To be able to accomplish all of this at such a young age is an incredible achievement for Nick, who is not like the average person.

Nichole was born with Hanhart syndrome, which causes the leg to cease growing in the early stages of development. As a result of the abnormality, he was born without any legs and with only one arm and finger.

During his childhood, his parents did not treat him differently than they would have treated a child who had a disability. They simply handed him his food and instructed him to go find a place to dine; they didn't even bother to assist him in putting on his clothing. The result is that he is now able to complete all of his tasks without the need for assistance from others.

The fact that he was disabled did not prevent him from following in his brothers' footsteps and pursuing a career in wrestling. It appears that he is content with his life. He has a lovely girlfriend, whom he is not shy about flaunting in front of the entire world.

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