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The measure of success is happiness - Steve Komphela leaves advice about money and emotions

It has been proven that Steve Komphela is the man that you should go to if you are looking for clarity on anything. He is the man who can manipulate words for you to believe in something that you have always been against.

A broke woman who felt like having a box of wine glasses was told to forget about her budget and look after her emotions. The person who told her to do that invited Steve to see if he agrees with him and luckily Mr Komphela was on his side, but someone else felt like the advice was misleading which then called for Steve to elaborate.

Komphela said people should not lose living for money. He says chasing money and destroying own life because of money only turn around and chase already destroyed life by destroying their loved money.

He believes that lives have been destroyed because what we keep thinking about is advising people about material instead of good living and taking good care of inner self. He went on and said that money should not make people but it is people who should be making money. Working hard and earning a good salary is great, but Steve believes that the measure of success should be happiness than just material. He says money is a necessity but it does not need to be worshiped.

His punchline is that you cannot depend your happiness on money alone, because when you have it, money might be missing.

This goes in hand with what Dan Gilbert who is the author of "stumbling in happiness" said about having a lot of money. He believes that having money is beneficial but there are always limitations. He said that once a person gets his or her human basic needs met, that is where his or her happiness ends because a lot more money will not breed a lot more happiness.

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I agree with Steve Komphela due to my belief that money was meant to maintain our lives. Dan Gilbert said you only need to get your basic human needs met to be happy. This makes me realise that happiness comes from being able to be always in a position of affording what you need. What comes after that will not give you more satisfaction. It is all about comparing what you need to what you want.

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