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6 benefits of music and how it can help you.

Everywhere you look (or I guess you listen) music is all around us.

It's on TV that we watch, the commercials trying to sell us something and in every form of entertainment you can think of.

The use of music to instill a particular feeling or emotion is abundant and effective everywhere. Music as a sales tool is well known and powerful, but what about using music as a form of therapy?

If commercials and television can project a certain feeling with it, then why can't we use it to invoke the same response for ourselves in a positive way? When I was going through a divorce, music played an important role in helping me feel better.

At the time, it didn't matter how, but playing music made me feel better, so that's what I did. I listened to it, which encouraged me to learn it. The more I practiced, the more it helped me feel better.

There are many different ways that music can help you get through tough times. And many of these qualities can help anyone struggling with change.

Reduces Stress:

Certain music, when listened to, can help reduce stress and anxiety. Listening to soft, soothing music is often used in meditation practice to help calm the mind.

Helps with Depression:

Depression can be a very debilitating stage that we go through when we are recovering from a loss. Listening to music can release endorphins, making us feel better, even if only a little, it can help lift you up.

Build Confidence:

By taking music to the next level, like learning to play the guitar, the benefits of music become more intense. Learning something new can do great things for your confidence, very helpful when times are tough.

Teach Discipline:

Once again, when undertaking an activity like learning to play the guitar, it takes discipline to be able to move forward with it. To get better at playing an instrument, practice is necessary, and discipline helps maintain motivation to practice.

Promote teamwork:

If you like to play and feel confident about it, you can start thinking about joining a band. When you join together to play with others, teamwork is essential for having a successful partnership.

Social Outlet:

Music has always been the center of social gatherings. It is an opportunity for people to have something to discuss and to share their experiences.

From the big arena to the small hall down the street, music brings people together socially. Music plays a vital role in our lives, from how we feel about ourselves to being around other like-minded people.

When you are looking for something to help you rekindle your life, music can be a great opportunity to learn more about yourself.

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