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Can You Believe Jungle Oats Did This To Weetbix?? LOOK CLOSELY

As everyone has probably heard by now, business isn't no child's, it's WAR. On a daily basis you're supposed to do something to ensure that you at the top of your game because if you lose just 1 sight of the inner dealings of your business, competition will catch up with you.

Being a dog-eat-dog world, certain companies or businesses, don't mind stooping low and humiliating other their competitors just so they can take their customers away from that. Obviously there's nothing wrong with trying every trick possible to win but sometimes, we gotta remember morals of life.

Unfortunately, the nature of business being a dog eat dog will never change because this story dates back to the stone age. Competition has always been there, whether healthy or unhealthy.

Jungle Oats Did Weetbix really dirty in a move to steal their customers away from them.

Weetbix consumes lots of milk, so the guys at Jungle Oats exploited that weakness by placing an add close to where the Weetbix were placed and said this about itself, "Rather choose Jungle Oats, its delicious with milk or water"

It goes without saying that the statement issued by Jungle Oats will surely take lot of customers away from milk-sucking Weetbix.


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