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Opinion || Be Cautious. Haunted Houses Do Exist

Moving from house to house is part of our everyday lives. We always look for a new place to call a home for different reasons, some are not comfortable in their current place and seek for a new place, some need a more affordable place within their income range and there are those who seek a bigger place to start a family, everyone has a reason for moving.

However finding a good place that will give you peace of mind is hard.

Some people don't even see anything wrong with just moving into a new place. But a lot can go wrong with just moving into a new house/apartment without making inquiries.

It's very important to make inquiries of the new place you intend to move into . Ask the neighbors about the place, if possible find out why the previous tenants moved.go around the neighborhood and make as much inquiries as possible, here are the reasons why

Some houses/apartments are haunted, though some people don't believe in ghosts and spirits but they do exist. Some😧. Of these spirits live in these apartments and their mission is to torment anybody that occupies that place.

The spirit could be the previous owner or tenant that died in the house or the house/ apartment could be built on the land somebody was buried on.

These spirits make it their mission to scare the occupying tenants. You could be in your house and hear footsteps around the house, tap water opening, doors opening and closing and misplace items in your house.

We often hear these sorts of stories but never take them seriously, but these things do happen, that's why before moving into a new place, some people who are prayerful make sure to bind and cast any evil before moving


So please be cautious. Hunted Houses are real and do exist.

So readers what are your thoughts on this hunted houses issue? Share your experiences please.

Content created and supplied by: TaymarNgozi (via Opera News )


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