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Put a Cup of Rice in your Wardrobe and THIS Is What Happens

This is the reason you should place a cup of rice in your closet

We love utilizing rice in the kitchen when we're making a nasi or a delectable curry. There are a lot of convenient hacks outside of the kitchen including rice also, such as drying your telephone in rice after you've dropped it in water. In short; the vast majority will have a pack of rice in their kitchen. Today, we have another rice hack for you that is about your closet!


In case you're acquainted with the stunt of putting your cell phone in a pack of rice to save it from water harm, you'll presumably know this works since dry rice assimilates dampness. This is helpful data on the grounds that occasionally closets can experience difficulty with dampness also. Maybe your house is essentially somewhat clammy, or you've returned washed garments to the closet despite the fact that they weren't totally dry yet. This dampness will make your garments smell somewhat smelly and obviously you additionally don't need dampness and shape in your closet!

Air Freshener

Since rice ingests the dampness from a room, it all the while functions as a deodorizer too. By adding a couple of drops of fundamental oil to the rice, your closet will begin to smell beautiful! There's no compelling reason to purchase costly deodorizers or scented sachets; you can make this yourself without any problem. What's more, thusly, you can likewise single out what you like and track down the ideal fragrance for you.

This is how you make it:

All you need is one cup of rice (white rice works best), some fundamental oil, a bowl to place it in, a piece of fabric and a versatile band. Blend the rice in with 15 to 20 drops of oil in the bowl. Take a piece of breathable texture (like a piece of an old Shirt) and cover the bowl with it. Then, at that point, utilize a flexible band to attach the material. Spot the bowl of rice some place in your closet where no children or pets can get at it. You'll have to supplant the deodorizer following several months. On the off chance that you utilized earthy colored rice rather than white rice, you'll need to supplant it sooner, since earthy colored rice ruins more rapidly than it's white partner.

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Cup of Rice


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