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Why Most Asians Don't Have Toilet Paper In Their Homes

Despite the fact that toilet paper is used by the majority of people worldwide, this article will explain why Asians dislike having toilet paper in their homes. Take a look at the following reasons:

1. The plumbing was not built to handle paper.

It may surprise you to learn that many Asian countries' water management systems are inferior to those in the West. As a result, toilet paper is not required due to the potential for sanitary issues.

Since this is the case, most of them prefer to use water bowls instead of paper.

2. It may irritate some people.

Too much toilet tissue, especially if you have fissures or hemorrhoids, can irritate the area. Using water instead is much gentler and may aid in the relief of perianal pressure.

3. It has the potential to cause urinary tract infections.

Another reason they don't use toilet paper is that poor toilet paper wiping habits can spread bacteria. Wiping from back to front may also increase the risk of bacteria entering the urethra in women. Using alternatives such as a wipe or a bidet could help you avoid these problems.

4. It has cultural significance.

In Muslim countries, washing after every defecation is part of Islamic toilet etiquette. In India, the same norm is embedded into the culture.

5. It isn't sufficiently clean.

Because toilet paper does not entirely eliminate feces and wiping is not always adequate, they argue that using water is even more hygienic than using tissue paper.

6. It is harmful to the ecosystem.

Experts estimate that in the United States alone, 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are consumed each year, leading in the loss of nearly 15 million trees.

This discovery needs a substantial quantity of electricity, water, bleach, and packing materials, among other things. Experts say that using other techniques, like as a bidet, is considerably more ecologically friendly.

Do you think it's better to wash instead of use toilet paper, dear reader? Why not leave a comment below, hit the like button, and share this fascinating article with someone?


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