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“I only had this when I decided to move out, now I’m here “


Being independent takes a lot of courage especially when you were used to being pampered and now you had to stand in your own two feet’s .

A lady shared a very sad story on Twitter where she explained how she had to get her own place without anything but her clothes . According to her, this was because she had to pay for her school fees as she had no one to take care of her school fees . She was staying at the school residence and she was not allowed to sell anything as a student.

Lady moved out and got a small room where she started selling her atcher. She explained how greatful she was to the landlord who helped her with a stove . The first day she moved to her new place it was very cold and she had no bed . She had to be strong to be able to overcome her dreams and luckily everything fall into place . She says she is now able to pay for her fees and even though she got so many people who were laughing behind her back, that didn’t stop her to continue with her small business.

This tweet got so many positive responses, some people even shared how they had to move out from their toxic relationships with nothing and had to start over . Their stories were so sad and this gave other people a platform to be able to think wise before attempting on moving in with a boyfriend. It is not always where you live a  happily ever after with the man you just moved in with .

Lady advised people that they should learn to be their own bosses and not depend on anyone. Having someone to take care of you makes you think that you have everything until you have to do everything on your . 

Let’s be wise , especially ladies . Kindly please share your thoughts, please do follow me for more updates. 

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