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Six ways to feed your ancestors and strengthen the connection you have with them:

1) Make an altar or a place dedicated to the ancestors.

Make this altar facing east if possible (so look east when you look at it). The east is the direction of dawn and the purpose is to bring light to you and your background. Gather things that remind you of your ancestors to put in the sanctuary. Drawings, photographs, monuments, donations from nature, etc.

2)Bring an offering.

Cooking and feeding the ancestors with your meal is one of the most valuable ways I like to associate with my ancestors. This is a powerful sign of gratitude, respect, and genuine communication with your ancestors for the quality of life force. As you cook your food every day, put a small amount of your food in a bowl and place it on your altar. Tell your ancestors why you feed them - something you are grateful for and your needs.

3) Painful rituals.

Going to your grief is one of the most important areas of building relationships with your ancestors. Your feelings are like food for them. They find your grief and eat it like food. They hunger for your pain, even craving it. Your ability to evoke pain, struggle, suffering, and unfulfilled emotions, can be greatly supported by ancestors. They are here to support you in this process

4) Make traditions in your life.

Traditions are like spiritual cans. They offer a sacred building of invisible, hidden, supernatural earthquakes. Tradition reminds us that there is more to life beyond this veil of falsehood. Cultures can be simple or extreme. I suggest simple, consistent traditions that help you touch the Spirit regularly

5) Spend time in nature

Remember that Nature is Spirit and Spirit is Nature. They are the same. The more time we spend with creation, the easier it is to meet his wisdom. We align the full unity within all of us, with the environment. Creation can bring fear, and remind us of how powerful the Spirit is.

6) Raise your dharma.

Your way of life and purpose is the best way to feed your ancestors. There is no great gift for your lineage and for those who came before you. As you align with your truth and inner wisdom, as you awaken and share your gifts with the world, you bless your lineage in the process

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