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Useless Things To Get Rid of In Your Room When You Turn 30

Do you consider yourself an adult? I am sure your house says otherwise. Adults are defined as those who are mature at both ends and now growing in the middle, according to the Urban Dictionary. From my point of view, I'm a little tougher, especially when it comes to your waistline. Leave your "Sorry, the place is a mess" excuses at the front door.

These 15 things shouldn't be in your home if you're older than 30.

1. Fake plants; you are grown up now!

2. Unframed posters and prints Remember how you posted a low-IQ piece of meat that your little magazine found attractive? I hope it's a thing of the past.

3. Trophy display.

Trophies may not be displayed until you have won a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Why should I remind everyone that their best days are behind us?

4. A Neglected Bed.

People who make their bed every morning are more productive, fresher, and more active than those who don't. an adult.

5. Crockery and cutlery sets with missing parts.

I'm not sure how to dazzle people at dinner parties if you don't have all of the cutlery or plates.

6. A collection of shot glasses.

How is your liver doing? I do not remember? I suspected that.

7. Inflatable furniture.

This is not a swimming pool; It is a house. 8. Lava lamps I reject that because they take 38 hours to heat up, and as an adult, you don't have that much time.

9. Adorable picture frames Or a digital picture frame.

When it comes to images, "strength in numbers" doesn't apply. I keep getting amazed at the gradual fading of PowerPoint.

10. Mosquito net If you don't already have a doctor's letter for a net, why not get a malaria injection instead?

11. Unopened stacks of mail.

This one has a lot of meaning. Everything important in life is packed in small white envelopes. You just need a little time to open them up and read what's inside.

12. Viewing CDs or DVDs.

You have these wonderful things called trash cans that you should put your CDs and DVDs in. Alternatively, you can keep it in a closet out of sight. Everything depends on you. 

13. Anything You Can Find Under Your Bed.

At some point in our lives we have all been mayors of the dust mite city., you should probably get rid of it.

14. Dust.

This is the type of dust that makes your table appear carpeted. Dust bunnies should not be kept as pets. If you keep feeding them, they will grow so big that they will eat you.

15. Messy place.

Hey cleanup your room, your grow up.

16. Lamp material.

Isn't it time for mood lighting? The fire brigade would have to comment on this.

Thanks for reading and stop being lazy and clean up your room.

Content created and supplied by: Matimelane_NewsUpdate (via Opera News )

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