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The Importance Of Peace Of Mind



 3 years ago today I turned off the television and donated it to a relative. It was peaceful and calm. I've read several books and written a lot. 


 Your calm is very important, do not let yourself be drowned in noise. Don't pay attention to your haters and negative critics. Appreciate your attention. 


 Every time you look out for those who hate you, they will distract you from your goal. That is their goal: to stop your journey and to persuade you to return. 

 I do that on social media all the time, I don't have a link, as soon as I realize that you are an enemy trying to unleash an emotional battle, I immediately block you and let you scold behind my back. Three years of pushing buttons against political correctness taught me a lot. 


 You see, the problem with haters and negative critics is that they have no interest in constructive, productive, and mutual interaction that leads to growth. You are interested in failing, polluting your environment, and spiking your peaceful existence. 


 Negative reviewers will say that you are intolerant of other opinions, but essentially your "different opinion" is mixed up with verbal abuse, abuse, teasing, and condescending comments. That's why I don't give negative critics a respite in my area. 


 Always appreciate your calm and attention. Don't throw it carelessly. Do not allow anyone to create an emotional confrontation with you. Read on to their first engagement and when you see the direction of their intent just blur the conversation and get off this journey. 


 3 years with no major news in my house taught me that emotions are a gold coin that few know about. Don't trade it with someone who isn't adding significant value to your growth safari. 


 The best way to learn to appreciate your peace is to detox from social networks, I do it every Sunday.

Thanks for reading.

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