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DLOZILAMI: Gifted Medium Sis Thembi Shares Why Some People Struggle To Find Employment

Dlozilami, which means my ancestor, is a reality TV show that focuses on healing people spiritually and connecting them with their ancestors. The show also touches on the importance of African customs that those who lived before have practised. 

The show is being led by a gifted musician known as Sis Thembi. Sis Thembi was gifted by the amcestors with the ability to connect with those whose spirits are still living but have died in the flesh. Sis Thembi goes around different cities in the country where the ancestors lead her to assist people who feel like there are problems in their lives and no matter what they do, they can not solve them. So it might be spiritually connected and also help those who require closure when it comes to the passing of a loved one. On the show Dlozilami, Sis Thembi has helped many individuals and has also opened up their minds to know that, yes, there are indeed gifted people like Sis Thembi who can see what many can not see and hear it aswell.

The show is not only helpful and educational to those who call and ask Sis Thembi for help, but for the viewers as well. As we all know, South Africa is dealing with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. Many people are employed, especially young people. Some apply and have been applying for jobs for many years but get no feedback or nothing works out for them.

 Sis Thembi shares some reasons why some people can not find jobs and how it is spiritually connected. Sis Thembi shared that some people could not get jobs because their ancestors might be upset with them and have blocked their way. They first have to acknowledge, apologise, and appease the ancestors, and things might go right for them. In other people's cases, it could be because they have been betwitched and their ways of moving forward have been blocked by using black magic. For that too, they will have to consult and find someone who will help them break the spell.

So many factors play a role in why a person can not find a job. You might find yourself in this situation. Remember that it might not be because of black magic for you, but just because of how the economy is set up at the moment.

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