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Tips on how to return spell or curse back to the sender

tips on how to return Muthi/spell or curse back to sender, naturally. In order to ask for protection, use salt. it absorbs negative energies, which helps fight bad spirits(herbs ) which torment and return them back to sender.

You can also use a red candle, rub it with red vimbela and pierce 7 needles through it, needles are a symbol of taking what ever that has been cast to you and be directed back to the sender.

Then your candle should be the lit upright, for three consecutive days. during the next three days your candle should be lit downright( your base becomes the top, you switch it around).

Prayers are mostly effective to support this would be at midnight.

Switch off immediately after using. Store it and re-use the next time you feel uncertain about things happening around you.

You should always pay attention to all messages which filters through it all. The events you feel uneasy about, the funny or awkward feelings you get after spending time or speaking to certain people.

throw away the needles as they fall off, but be careful of not being the one in the wrong end because this might back fire on you badly.

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