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7 reasons why your childhood ended, check out

Your childhood ended when.

 1. You do things you said you will never do when we were younger. We don't know the future you can't predict tomorrow no matter what. 

 2. You stop going out to play with your friends on your street and you guys barely speak. Especial if you are the male, if you didn't play football on street your childhood was more than boring, that was the best moment ever. Coming from school with a face full of smile, don't worry even about eating because there is no time for that. 

 3. Sleeping became a reward, not a punishment. This one is the most deepest one, knowing when you wake up you have to face the reality.

 4. You cry more because of emotional pain than physical. To bad that physical isn't worrying anymore knowing that your heart is broken.

 5. You start crying over maths problems.

 6. You start worrying about school.

 7. You started to have fake smile.

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