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Attract money with cinnamon and bring prosperity into your life. opinion.

You will need real money, a R10 note will work perfectly, note that most spiritualists believe the higher the bill the better your results. You will need water because it symbolizes the flow of money coming to you. You will also need cinnamon because it represents wealth and abundance. Lastly, you will need sage so you can use it to remove negative energies from your space.

Clean the room you want to work in. Get comfortable and meditate for five minutes and then burn your sage and remove negative energy from the room and in your body. You will need an abundance affirmation to set an intention to draw money to you. You can say "I am receiving unlimited money".

Wet your R10 note in a bowl of water. Make sure it's not soaked. Wet your finger and dip it in the cinnamon, use your finger full of cinnamon to draw the amount you would like to receive. For example, use the cinnamon to draw R5000 on your R10 note. Make sure you are realistic. If it's your first time start with a small amountl ike R100. 

Visualize how it feels to have more money flowing to you endlessly and fold your R10 note and put it in your purse or wallet for three consecutive days. After three days spend it, because you will be releasing your intentions Into the universe. Since you want money to come to you spend that R10 note saved in your purse or wallet. Symbolizing the new flow of money.

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