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Could This Be The Return Of The Izikhothane Trends? (see pics)

Quite a number of people always say what goes around shall always come back around. Looking at the South African streets 10 years back, There was a time when our streets were flooded with youth pushing a trend & lifestyle called the izikhothane do you still remember that? I am talking about that expensive clothes and gadgets show off and destrying trend you remember it right?

Well as good as it is to see that it has died over the past 5 years or so and it dying has somehow spared a lot of parents from buying expensive clothes, expensive gadgets for thier kids but then judging by what has been making rounds on social media it seems like the trend could make its way back into our streets anytime from now again.Refer to the pic below to see what a certain boy was seen doing which makes me suggest that the izikhothane trend could be coming back.

As you can see from the pics above the kid over here is out flaunting and showing off his expensive designer T-shirts to the world to see.Not only is he showing then off he is even destroying them like the one he us standing ontop on at the pic attached below.

Well this is not something that you see everyday so with him doing it for a lot of people to see a lot of them had so much to say,See what various individuals had to say about this in the comments attached below.

Reading through all this comments no one seems to be against what he is doing everyone is entertaining it meaning that they are indirectly supporting it.So now looking at all this situation from a view that social media always has an impact on a lot of peoples lives do you think that what he is doing could be copied by more youths and then the izikhothane lifestyle bounce back ? What's your take on all of this? Please leave some comments below

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