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VIDEO: Man shows his expensive Airforce at Konka


He showed everyone his expensive Airforce while they were having fun. How they got that part is, obviously, they were talking about expensive staff. When you are at Konka, it is expected to wear expensive clothes, but literally show them to everyone. It was not expected at all.

Some people don't like what he did at Soweto's finest entertainment venue. After they had seen his shoes, he got his satisfaction and also those who were to confirm that it was really the one he was speaking highly of. Showing has been happening for a long time, and it is also evolving.


He made it clear to everyone that he is rich when emphasizing his statement. Everyone is there to have a good time, but other people these days are showing off that some of the moments are to make others feel small or that they cannot have a lifestyle that is more expensive than others.


1. Thema: This is foolish. People go there to have fun or check out what other people are wearing. We are not going anywhere. 

2. Bheki: People like this guy, who is embarrassing the other, don't go further in life. Life has a way of humbling people like that. 

3. That guy: Honestly, this is childish. I can't believe we put each other through this as a black nation. If it is not original, it should not be a big deal. People need to grow up honestly.


It is very bad when someone wearing a shoe you have to prove that it is the original brand but not a counterfeit. Others are seen getting such a response from others, and another thing they would do for themselves is not wear them. They must wear them because it is the most they can afford.

People will not have the same lifestyle, and those who have the expensive one should not make those who do not have it feel inadequate because, they cannot afford to buy expensive clothes. Even from the comment section, there was a huge interaction about going through such a moment.

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