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Check Out This Lovely Single Bedroom House Plan Which Include A Kitchen And A Lounge

Most people are living with the idea that big houses are the most beautiful houses, but house designers keep on proving this theory wrong. Small houses can also be beautiful and unlike big houses, it also looks cute, just look at the pictures of this house you will see what I mean when I say that it is cute

This specific house plan only has one bedroom, which makes it a perfect house for a person who lives alone, or a couple Which does not have children. It can also serve as a good start up house for a new family, even though you might not want to extend it because of its beauty. This house also has just about everything that you would need in a big house except too many bedrooms

This house design also has a kitchen a bathroom and a lounge which I believe it is the most ideal things that are needed in a house. The house does not have a garage as we can all see from the pictures, so if you want this little cute house, you just have to make peace with the fact that you car will be spending the nights out door

One of the things that makes this house so attractive is the amount of pillars that are used, if we were to count the total numbers of pillars which are used, you might find out that more than ten of them were used. Yes, I know that pillars are expensive, but when you look at the beauty of the house, would you say they were not worth it? I doubt that

When it comes to the roof of the house, the designer used a scotch roof in this house. The color of the roof of the house is the same as the one that is used on the caps of the pillars of the house, which is very attractive


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