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Road Accident

LINDO:He is going for a road trip with a Merc and drinks


He is going on a road trip with his Merc and favourite alcoholic beverages, which are available in various brands. He does not want to run out while the journey is not yet over. He made a stop at Bottle Liquors to get everything that is essential for the road trip, and he is grabbing more attention in the comment section.

Experience-based interaction:

1. TSHAWE asked for a location from Lindo so that he would be able to join the wonderful experience of the weekend.

2. PONTSHO is coming up with a different response which is causing concern to anyone reading it. Alcoholic beverages are not good if not consumed with responsibility.



3. ZAMUNDA wishes him good memories of every moment he will be having, and Lindokuhle himself appreciates the support given to him, even though it comes with a responsibility.

4. STHUGEN: He also wants to have this experience, but at his moment, it is not possible for him. 

5. MALUME PIANO: It is all about the rich kid's lifestyle. Indeed, he is living a wonderful, rich lifestyle, and it is different for everyone according to what they are choosing for their lifestyle.


Lindokuhle's vehicle is a convenient car that is suitable for having his lifestyle the best way possible. He has options for having a road trip with friends or family. It will depend on him if he chooses to have a family affair or go out with just friends. They could be colllegues coming in too.

He loves life on the road, and making plans for his lifestyle is a very wonderful experience that gives him the best intentions to enjoy life at large. Being on the road is a wonderful adventure, full of many things, but it is also having the part of it which occurs from an accident.


If you are like Lindokuhle, there is no time to waste and you just hit the road, even if it is just for a few kilometres. When the day is done, you will have accomplished your goals and fulfilled your wishes in the best way you can. It should not be a big encounter like Lindokuhle is doing, if you cannot manage it.

For him, he has more capability and their is no doubtful moment, as he is already going big. Memories are better created for Lindokuhle.

Your thoughts?

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