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Washable and Reusable Toilet Papers, Yes or No ?

One of our social media platforms has this trending photos of something like toilet papers and they say it can be used over and over again, you only need to wash them so they can be clean whenever you feel like using them. I think washing them will need a separate washing machine where you wont wash your clothes in in and make sure to use a strong type of soap to kill all the germs, because wowPersonally I think who ever came up with such need a good doctor to check if his or her brains are still functioning properly, how can a normal person think such disgusting thing like that, now think of this let us say you are a family of five using the same bathroom that means you will keep rotating the same thing. The method is not good and must not be approved because we know those cruel people who hire helpers to do everything for them, that tribe can hire someone just because they want to see you suffer, and they will pay your salary happily because they know you touched their toilet papers or whatever they call themNowadays we don't even use the washable nappies for our young ones, then how can you deal with someone's or even your used paper Its a biggest no for me, I would rather use a newspaper if im poor that I cannot afford toilet papers, why do someone choose to recycle toilet papers, Is it a way of saving money, a way of practising hygiene like what is the real reason for using itTo everyone out there I have some questions for you about using washable and reusable toilet papers, is it good or bad, are you willing to switch from the normal ones to these, if yes why is good and why would you love to to use them

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