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Second Chance Dimension

Ever wish you could go back in time and change things, ever wish you could see those lost loved one's again? I'm sure most of us would grab the opportunity....but what about the repercussions? Would you sacrifice another's happiness for your own personal happiness and for the sake of your loved ones. Second Chance Dimension is a story about a man who faces such a dilemma. A chance at redemption is there for the taking but come's at a devastating cost. Follow Elijah on his journey to the Second Chance Dimension.

Elijah was a normal kinda guy, chilled out most of the time or just hung-out with friends, but few knew the pain he held deep inside. You see he had grown up like most people but at as early as the age of 12 his life would change forever and for the first time he'd feel a pain that would make see the world differently. It was December 1999 and everyone was raving about the new millennium the year 2000!!!!!Everyone was wondering if the lights all over the world would go off or if a computer virus was gonna take over the world but not Elijah...he was wondering what he was gonna do with his friends that night coz he'd only ever celebrated one New Year's Eve/Day which was the year prior. He had a nack of sleeping as the hour. Then day had come 30th December 1999....and what he had woken up too had changed he's life forever......Before we get to that life changing moment lets learn a little about the people around him.

He came from a good home as any with a Mother, Father and six siblings, 4 brothers and two sisters. He did not know this yet but he was adopted. This family who took him in cared and loved him and he never felt that he was not one of them, he felt loved and complete. At this point never felt heart break or pain except of course for the physical.... that was until Sean died, Sean was Elijah's second oldest and closest brother to him and he loved him very much. It was 30th December 1999 without warning at the ripe age of 31 Sean took his final breath before his loving mother and left this world. Elijah hadn't seen him that December and had just seen him asleep the night before. He had woken up and to his horror found out that Sean was no more. Human nature in times like these is to call out to God and ask why, which is exactly what he did....he asked why, why did this have to happen. As always there was no answer. Nothing said back. No one consoled him as the one who would of was long gone to his maker. December 31st 1999 instead of being a happy day turned into a funeral. This day would haunt him for many many more years to come as a reminder of what he had lost. As adolescence years quickly approached he had found some peace. Life being different and taking it on one day at a time. As time went on the pain got easier. Already having the issues that a young man faces he was dealt with two more deaths. 2 more brothers Raiden and Sam. Raiden being the oldest of the family was also too very fond of Elijah and was a good man to him and all around him, a man of sober and good habits, Sam a little more on the strict side was still full of love. Elijah had thought this to be linked to him as everyone he came close to now had died. The day came when he had found out that he was adopted and his world just span around. Even more guilt had filled his heart. Why did this happen to me?? Am I the reason God is taking this family apart!!!!! As time went on that happy child from the happy home turned bitter and angry but always put on a happy face. No one could see it but inside he'd been dead for so long. His father Charles always gave him good advise and loved him so and he too left. His death was expected I guess at an old age this is what follows, except his final words to Elijah only put more heart ache on his life as he wanted to see him one last time but Elijah had declined thinking he'd surprise him another day and he's father had died with a sad heart. What if!!Why?? So many things to take in. Anger was only fueled more by alcohol, fights and rampage. But there was yet another chapter in his life.....a family of his own.

Elijah had met Sarah, and she was the love of his life....she accepted the man for all his flaws ad saw past all the bad in him and could see that pain. the were together for many years and more many years he was still angry and in pain and in guilt even when he himself had his own children a beautiful girl named Angel and handsome boy name Rory. For years he had prayed please father send me back let me go back in time and warn them...let me go and wish them and thank them for all they did for me. I never got to thank them please father. But as we know this could not happen and so he lived like this......until one rainy day while driving full of anger again he lost control of his vehicle and went of a cliff....

They say you see a white light before you die and he did see did....but he woke up on a bed he knew....he looked around and he was in a place he knows but never looked like this in forever. He was in his home but it look so different. He looked in the mirror and what he saw almost shocked the life out of him. He was really young again and in his home.....and then he heard a voice he had longed for so long....finally he could heard Sean's voice. He was so stunned that he just stood there thinking...oh my lord you have answered my prayers. I get to see all of them again, I get to rewrite what was wronged. Happily running downstairs to he's family....this is it I've missed them so much. And when he reached the bottom of the stairs there they were. Oh the feeling he had was amazing adrenaline had nothing on it. He had lived in pain till now. He hugged them and spoke to them but never mentioned what had happened because even though to them he was a child he actually wasn't. He spent time with them went out and thought of how he would plan their lives now that he knew what the future hold.....and just like that when he thought of how he was gonna tell them about the future he remembered his own loved ones....Sarah, Angel and Rory. What of them how was he going to still have them in his life. Did he just cost them theirs. He wept and wondered but it was too late. Even though he could still find Sarah what would happen to his children. This was not a gift but a sacrifice, and a dear one at that. more of the same for now he had committed something even worse than his former life. Elijah was now even more sad then when he before. He never understood that people all have times to die and that he had a new life given to him. God put people in his life and took them away but that was their journeys and not his. He had neglected the ones who truly and only depended on him. He wrote a letter to his family. Given the dates of their deaths and other information and made his way to a nearby bridge. Filled with the guild of taking away the lives of his kids he wept. and said to god I finally understand what I've truly lost and how blessed I was yet I stayed stubborn.....and it had to go this extreme for me to see what a fool I was. When people die we have to let them go. not hold on to them because we have others who depend on us and love us so much. Saying this he looked up and said to God thank you Lord for letting me see this but this is not a life I can life....and like that jumped off the bridge.

A white light came through again but this time he woke up in a hospital bed. With his family by his side. Yes his family, Sarah, Angel and Rory. He looked at them like never before and he thanked God he could be there again. And he never complained about life again instead lived a happy life and showed his kids a life they hadn't seen. Why mourn Sean when you can take what he gave you and share it with your on kids and what that is is love.

We cry for loved ones, we miss them. But don't forget what we have here and what they helped us achieve. There's always an upside to live you just have to find it just as Elijah did. It took him long but he's there he's not perfect but he's finally happy. The second chance was not were he went.......but were he came back to. Thank you.

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Elijah Second Chance Dimension


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