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The tweeter Prophet told people to bathe with their urine in the morning to have a fresh skin

People have been thanking the Prophet Rhadebelihle for telling them about Urine bathing every morning. The prophet once posted a message on tweeter telling people that they need to use their urine to remove the bad luck. He believes that urine is one of the best medicine to remove bad luck. Lot of people both men and women have pimples on their faces which are hard to remove. The tweeter traditional healer then came up with a solution that will not cost them any money. He told them that every morning they must pee on a container.

The first thing you must do when you wake is to pee on something that takes that urine and wash your face with it. You need to wash it and leave it on your face for 15 to 30 minutes. Let it absorb all the chemicals that you have used on your face them after that you can rinse it. He told them that they need to do this every morning at least for a month. A lot of people have been coming with confessions that this Urine bathing is working for them. Even men even enjoy doing this on their faces because it's helping them.

People are saying Urine is working wonders on their faces. Even though there are people who don't understand the main use of urine. The traditional healer told people that he knows a lot about medicine. All those who are suffering because of pimples they must not spend their money on things for the face. They must use the traditional medicine that God gave to everyone. The morning urine is healthy on the screen as it happens while you are sleeping.

Those who have been using this method for a while now already see the results. That is why there are busy telling other ladies to try it at home. As a reader do you think urine real does wonders on the screen? Tell us your comment down below if you have used your urine before. Share the article with others so that we hear what they have to say about this. I believe that the urine works. Everyonee have a write to do what they love.

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