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Fake healers they do exist in this world

Please be careful of this fake prophet who are using their mouth in order to help you by sucking or pulling out bones,snake.let say herbs that was stuck in your body let's use herbs that was made for you to step on.

and when they help you they would make cuts on your leg and actually suck out that things causing trouble on your body.

Please be careful mostly those people are fake they use magic they use power snakes. they use those snake to perform fake healing when you go to consult to them they will say you have spiritual partners.

They can take it out and see it with your own two eyes. then fake the miracle they simply cut your body with minora razor.

Then take out something from your body then you will believe it's a spiritual partner.sometimes when you have been feed cursed food while sleeping.

They also put on an act take out bones claiming to say there were in your body. they will say this is cursed food. that was in your body they will be lying to you with fake miracle sometimes when they prophecy you.

They will tell you there is something in your yard when you take them to your place they create false magic. then say this is what we were telling you which is a lie.

Those people they lie to people saying they can dig out herbs planted in your yard then perform magic.

and if you are not spiritually gifted you will believe their lies then fall into their trap then become a victim. Careful I'm warning you they are all over now to scam you because most of you are desperate for help now they are taking advantage of your desperation.

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