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He tried to save money for December, sadly this is what man found under the wardrobe


People speak about saving money for December while others spend it before festive arrives. To this day majority of the people still carry old ways of saving money inside the house. Some end up having money while others cry the day they decide to cash out from their savings.

A young man shared of the money he has been saving. He gathered his friends over to show off that he has been consistent with his plan, unfortunately the minute he opens up the wardrobe. He found that his hard work and dedication meant nothing. Rats came into his piggy bank and ate every note he had, worse the rats never ate corners.

Photo cred: Twitter

Instead the money was eaten to a point that it lost its value. What he found the day he tried to show off to his his friends, left him out of words. His dedication and time meant nothing after all, rats are everything out of hunger. Saving money under th wardrobe is a bad idea. Approaching a bank for a savings account wouldn't hurt this much.

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