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"Ma 80's taking a nap in the middle of a groove." One observes. What's your take?

I personally think it is each individual’s particular circumstances when it comes to growing up and giving up the club life. Our society seems to be less “ageist” and open to not judging or stereotyping someone based of the age, any more than race, gender, religion, etc.

Some professions require long period of a persons youth going to school, training, etc or occupations requiring long hours. Other factors are relationship status and whether you have children and work. Also, there are people who don’t drink, don’t like the club scene,prefer to spend their leisure time doing things other than “clubbing”. And i am sure there are others who only occasionally party for any number of reasons.

One recently made a post of those born in the 80s sleeping at a groove and many had a good laugh.👇🏾

Judging from those pictures l don't think those folks sleeping are from the 80s neither, they look way older than that.

I really don't think there's an age to stop per se but as you leave your twenties, you will find out that clubbing and night outs are no longer your thing. You will find yourself more focused on pursuing/building your career. That means a lot of work and overtime, less time to go clubbing.

There's also the possibility that night life doesn't appeal to you at all and so, once you are out of the university, you will not do it.

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