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Dangers of wearing ancestral cloths and beads without ancestors authorities

Everyone is born from the lineage of his/her ancestors. You need to know which side dominates your calling. Whether from paternal or maternal side, and whether from grandmother or grandfather.

Some ancestors will be in your life always but without surfacing. Now understand this ancestors some ancestors cloths awaken spirits.

Because ancestors are celebrated and commemorated and honoured by these cloths. So when you just wear a certain cloth this might cause ancestors to shoot up and surface because it feels and see that they are being called to the living.

Do not just wear ancestors cloths. Wear them for right purposes. We have different types of ancestors. When you wear a cloth/beads know what type of ancestors you possess.

Some ancestors very jealous, when you mix their beads and garments with of the others.They feel offended and may cause frictions in your life.

Some ancestors were witches and murderous, some home wreckers so if you just wear some cloths/beads because you love them.You will end up awakening evil/witches.

That's why it is important not to buy and wear/use ancestors things without finding out why you need them in your lives. We might love/like certain ancestors things but we must check with our ancestors if they are not going to do any harm in our lives.

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