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Self love is important.

Don't be so hard on yourself!

When you aim for perfection you become the imperfection.

It's okay to lose sometimes because you can't always get what you want. It's a way of life and the best thing to do is to acknowledge that for peace of mind.

When you give it your best you have done more than enough. When you try and try again you are surely to succeed in the end it's just physics think about so don't give up nomatter how heavy the load gets but don't lose yourself in the process of finding your purpose , always remember that what's meant to be shall be.

Bill Gates once said "life is not fair , get used to it!" He was right , the quicker we eradicate the self pity the better prepared we are at tackling life's challenges. Instead of complaining and grieving of what we have no control over l suggest we live a little more , we love a little more , we enjoy ourselves whilst the moment is still upon us and we embrace this trip.

Give it your all. Express yourself . Do not live in fear for you owe the world nothing but brilliance. Smell the roses whilst the garden is still visible , watch the stars before the night fades into daylight, dance whilst your feet can touch the ground and cherish life for it is a gift. Open your heart , your eyes and relax your mind .

You have one life , live it right. Listen to yourself a little more , find your voice. Script a pulchritudinous chapter of yourself and be the legacy that will forever shine . Believe in yourself , trust your instincts , follow your intuition . Trust me everything is going to be alright , Don't be so hard on yourself...

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