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A woman posted her side hustle and people were impressed

A posted her side hustle and people were impressed seeing how much she made from selling this. She sells ice blocks. 

This side hustle is perfectly for this season which is summer. If you are in need of something to make money with or keep you busy this season, you can try selling the ice blocks. The ingredients are not too much, you just need 1 or 2 ingredients to get you started.

You will need boiling water, Ellis brown powder milk, sugar, mix everything and let it cool down then use any coloring you like and you done.

Many people were interested in starting the business, some are already doing it and also testifies that it is a good business idea and it works for them and they like the fact that it is not expensive to buy the ingredients.

A side hustle brings more financial freedom and flexibility into your life. When you are no longer entirely reliant on the income from your day job, you may start to enjoy that power of knowing that you would still have. Salary alone is not enough, so having that side job that you do helps alot.


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