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A lady confused many after revealing that she uses Colgate to clean her CAR lights. See Pictures.

Lately, people have become create, they don't spend much money on buying popular cleaning brands, they intend to create or form their home remedies by using cheap ingredients, that's being wise and they save money at the same time, as long as the remedy does the same job as the expensive ones from the supermarkets.  

 A Twitter user who goes by the name Thobile takes it to her account sharing the recent remedy she found for washing car lights, she mentioned that she uses Colgate to clean her car light and it works perfectly for her, she even showed pictures of her car lights before and after applying the Colgate, indeed there was a big difference. "Ngithi iColgate on the lights works wonders mcwi stru" she captioned her post.

Her post reached many, and they couldn't believe what they read, her comment section was flooded with people who seemed to be confused, asking her questions if she really meant Colgate for washing teeth, @Nareadi hopped in and asked "Colgate Colgate or Colgate ya Aquafresh also" he wrote. Thobile replied to his question "Colgate enngwe leenngwe." she wrote.

Though many were shocked, it didn't discourage some who had their remedies, they jumped in and added the remedies they have created, @Zonwabele "You can also use Orange and Bicarbonate of soda, or just Bicab only, or Bicab and Vinegar or lemon and Bicarb. you will get the same results. he commented and shared his remedy. He wrote

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