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Clear signs of a girl who is eagerly waiting for your move

There are a few things a young woman would do if you needed to move towards her. She will give you some pointers. People should pay close attention to the signals women send out. The last thing you need is to freeze. before, during and after chatting with a young lady you love so hold on and familiarize yourself with the signs.

1. She looks at you more than once: she can't stop looking at you, every few seconds his eyes wander to you. You can check to see if you've looked at her more than once before approaching her. The young woman is trying to borrow her time and needs you to see her.

2. She marks back for you: A young woman who doesn't appreciate you will go faster when she walks past you, but assuming she needs you to approach her, she will reset to give you more opportunity to notice and draw. This is one of the clearest signs that she needs you to approach her.

3. The moment she grimaces, put aside daily practice: when you turn your head and your eyes meet. You smile and she does the same. It's so good to see that she cares about you. If she doesn't need you to talk to her, she won't smile back.

4. She tries everything to be close to you: If a young woman needs you to get close to her or to talk to her, she will make a serious effort to get closer to you, she may even ask you to exercise. her how to play a game or ask you to send her movies on her phone. This is his way of getting closer to you.

5. The moment she is chatting with her friends, however, she looks at you: she will not focus on her companions because you are close to her. If she looks at you while talking to someone else, she needs you to approach you. She can pretend that she is listening to what she is speaking to, but she has her eyes on you.

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