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7 Most Expensive Things in the World (and Their Photos)

Billionaires today spend astronomical sums on seemingly little items. Some of them even go over and above to purchase seemingly little stuff, shelling out astronomical sums of money. The watch you're wearing is quite expensive, if I may inquire. Or, on the other hand, how much do you spend on rent each year? Or is it your smartphone? Take a look at some of the world's wealthiest people who go above and beyond their means to obtain things they feel will bring them happiness. I know, it's absurd.

Take a look at the world's 7 most costly items.

1. The 4.5 billion dollar superyacht History Supreme

Robert Knok, Malaysia's richest man, paid a staggering $4.5 billion for the 100-foot Yacht Supreme. Its entire body is constructed of pure gold. A extremely rare and expensive transparent diamond serves as the yacht's and table's exterior protective layer, while the ground and top layers are composed of a rare solid gold and platinum. It has a meteorite stone wall with authentic T-Rex bones embedded in it. It's a given that it's worth what it is.

2. Carçon à la Pipe Painting ($104 million)

Pablo Picasso, a Spanish artist, produced the $1 million work of art in 1905. It's one of the most expensive works of art ever created. A little Parisian kid is depicted cradling a young boy who is playing cards in the picture. He was only 24 when he made the work, according to legend. Some critics believe the painting's value is due to the time it was created, while others believe it has a higher value because of the well-known artist's name that is emblazoned on the pricey work of art.

3. Ferrari 250 LM of 1963 ($70 million)

It was the most expensive car ever purchased in 2018, breaking the record set by David MacNeil, founder and CEO of WeatherTech, who paid $70 million. The value of this 1964 Italian sports automobile hasn't dipped despite the passage of time. Now that's what I call a pricey automobile!

4. $4,500,000 iPhone 4 Diamond Edition.

Even the most recent iPhone smartphone couldn't compete with the Diamond Edition iPhone 4. Designed by Stuart Hughes, a British billionaire, Apple's high-end iPhone was built by a British billionaire. Diamonds and pure gold are used extensively in the construction of the iPhone 4. The device's rose gold bezel is encrusted with 500 diamonds, including 53 diamonds used in the Apple logo. The iPhone's navigation keys are comprised of diamonds weighing 7.4 carats total weight. As a result of its enormous riches being contained within a single device, it is correct to say that what matters most is on the surface, rather than on the inside.

5. The $3.2 million Heintzman Crystal Piano

As the name implies, this stunning piano is totally crafted from diamonds. No, it's not simply a piece of art; it's also a working piano that can be played. It was even played in front of millions of people at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. Despite the fact that it is owned by a small group of people, it is still the most expensive instrument ever made.

6. 1.66 million dollars) Magnetic Floating Bed

Millions, if not billions, of people wish they could sleep in a bed like this. The Janjapp Ruijssenaars engineers built the sole bed they ever produced, a 1.3-foot-high matress. A magnetic suspension system keeps the mattress floating. In fact, up to 2000 pounds of mass can be held by it with no problem. It was built by engineers over the course of seven years.

7. A $1 million Manhattan parking space

As it turns out, parking in Manhattan is the most expensive in the entire globe. The city of Manhattan had lost up to 25,000 street parking spaces between 1978 and 2010. This explains the city's extreme wealth. As a result of the restricted parking space, developers levied a hefty parking fee of $1 million, which was only available to the rich and famous.

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