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Importance of the water we place next to our candles

Water you place next to your candle ...(most asked question) .i will answer what i know remember cultures are not the same and well i listen to my ancestors.That's why it's very important to sit next to your candle after praying let your heart lead you . I promise you will know what to do with that water...

The glass of water is an offering of sorts. It completes the incorporation of all the elements . Water is a highly spiritually charged element that cleanses and gives life through hydration .

You can set the glass of water down on your sacred place. After lighting your candles and have a sip when you've completed your prayers . In this act , you're sharing the water with them.

You can also pour it on some glass/under a tree afterwards . You can also bath with it , wash your face with it... Just like incense you can bath with the remains that you burn .

Follow your heart and your ancestors teachings.You will know better .This process is also referring to as libation by many African cultures ..You pour snuff on the ground .Why not give them water as well.

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