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For your amusement, here are 35 amusing pictures and jokes.

Happy weekend, everyone! After a long week, we all need something to make us laugh and forget about our sorrows and stress.

For your amusement, here is a compilation of some humorous jokes and pictures:

1. In a restaurant across the street from my house, a man always comes to eat rice and stew. "Stew was not yet done," they said when he came to eat at the restaurant one day.

"No problem, just bring plain rice for me," the man said. He just ate regular rice. They informed him that the stew was ready as soon as he completed eating. "Bring the stew that you're supposed to put over my rice," he said. As a result, they served him the stew. The dish was consumed by the man.

Suddenly, the man began to tumble, dispersing the entire area. He repeatedly struck the ground with his body. People were able to restrain him and inquire as to what was wrong with him. "I'm mixing the rice and the stew that's inside my stomach," he said.

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