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Check This Egg Ritual that can help you wash away bad lucks and evil spirits.

There is an egg ritual that was and is mostly used in the Mexican parts of the world. The egg ritual is believed that it washes away all the bad energy and evil spirits. The ritual expanded to other parts of the world as it started to be famous and used.

You can do the ritual all by yourself as long as you have the necessary things needed. The necessary things needed is water, a glass, salt, 1 egg, matches and a candle.

All you have to do with them is to light the candle, pour the water into the glass, close the door and open the window so that all the evil spirits can go out through the window and not stuck through the house. Then you take the egg and start hovering it all around your body while you are doing a mini prayer.

You can ask all wishes to come true during the prayer and all the opportunities shall open.

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