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5 Ways To Make People Respect You

1) Do not be overly preoccupied. Pressing your phone when someone is directly talking to you: Many people are guilty of this; we are fond of pressing our phones when someone is telling us something important, rather than looking at the person and listening to him attentively. People will have great respect for you if you look and listen to them when they are talking to you because they know you value them.

2) Always hear their own opinions when conversing with others: Many people do not like others to speak when conversing with them; they do not want to hear other people's opinions; they only want to hear their own. If you enjoy listening to other people's ideas and putting them to use to solve problems, you will be highly respected.

3) Do not visit people on a regular basis: If you visit people in their homes on a regular basis, they will become too familiar with you, which will cause them to lose their respect for you. Visit people at least twice a week; this will make them miss you and respect you more.

4) Don't make people feel bad about their weight or health: Many people are fond of doing this, they always make people feel bad about their weight and health, for example, telling a person that he or she is fat, don't do that, if a person wants to talk about his weight, he will surely be the first to say it. Another thing to remember is that when people tell you they want to go to the doctor, don't ask them what illness they have; instead, simply wish them well; this will earn you a lot of respect.

5) Don't call people more than twice unless it's an emergency: Many people have a habit of calling people more than twice even if the person isn't answering the phone and they don't have anything important to tell them. If you call someone twice and they don't pick up, assume they're busy and don't call again unless it's an emergency. People will respect you as a result of this.

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