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KONKA|| What is the hype. Click to read.

People have been hyped about this new KONKA club all over social media. The name has been trending for days on tweeter with people making memes and criticizing the things that happen there. For those who are confused as to what KONKA is, it is a club that is situated in Soweto, Pimville. It is popular because people are spending loads of cash at this club. Its not that people are spending cash because they are buying too many drinks, no, KONKA has a menu that is very high with prices. The club is known for customers buying the Ace of spades, that is ridiculously expensive. The Armand de Bruc champagne costs about R30 000 online and people are wondering how much is it at the restaurant. When you buy this drink, it is served to you in style. With women carrying the drink with fireworks and in celebration.

This brings attention to the buyers and that is exactly what they want. One customer bought 16 ace of spades and got people shocked all over social media. With no doubt that person is a big spender. Cars that are parked outside the restaurant are luxurious cars. Mercedes and Ferraris outside got ladies screaming. Some people allege that some customers rent these drinks for a cheaper amount. This is a method used to lore ladies and get eyes all over you. Would you like to visit this club and how much do you think you should budget for one night?

Many people criticize the buyers for spending so much money on just alcohol. The restaurant is populated with black people and it has got social media saying that they are not surprised by this. People are saying that they should grow communities and invest instead of spending money recklessly. What is your opinion on this. Is there harm in having a little fun even though its expensive?

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