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Now You Can CLEANSE YOUR AURA AND ANCESTORS – Cheaper/Faster Than You Ever Imagined.


Let's talk about cleansing.

I will first explain the aspects behind cleansing. Cleansing comes in various forms, and the one most common to almost everyone is cleansing in a bathtub, or at the river.

There are some cleansing that needs specifically a river cleansing and can not be in a bathtub.

Now cleansing in a bathtub helps control your auras, Spiritual balances, actualization, self-protection, and more. This is the kind of cleansing that I will talk about today.

Now, why do we have to normalize cleansing?

We have to understand that the world consists of two parts. The light and the darkness

The dark side is also working to make sure that it dominates. The dark side also includes auras and a lot that I can not speak off.

Some people are sleeping with people coming from families that practice the opposite of what they believe or dwell in, or should I say the darkness?

Hey, there are things that these people apply to themselves, that they get in their system to attract people's luck and opportunities. Now, what happens when you have sex with them?

Sex is a two-way thing, and it's an exchange of bad and good. It's a spiritual transaction between two lives involved in intercourse. Yes, you will take the good and the bad. But what if the bad dominates more than the good?

You have to cleanse yourself after sex. Having one partner to yourself doesn't secure you because you don't know what your partner does when you are not around them. You don't know the spirits that he takes from his sleeping outside your relationship/marriage.

You are sleeping with people that have spiritual husbands/wives destroying them. When you are having sex, your chakras are vibrating and waking up the aspects which are aligned to work with it. The people who have spirits that are destroying them, when the chakra vibrates, that spirit comes forward to destroy and take because you are one with the person spiritually during intercourse. Now, there's less good that you are taking and more of the bad energy.

Sex is good. Everybody loves it, and it's not something that people can be ashamed of. The needs have to be fed, but with "responsibility."


These are the energies that reflect when we get in interviews, classrooms, hospitals, or anywhere. They always come forward. A person with negative auras is seen as someone who takes themselves highly. People hate you, and they don't want anything to do with you. Your negative aura (energies) is reflected before they get to know you well.

For example, there's a person that you don't know very well, but already you feel like you don't go Like the person. It's the person's aura reflecting.

So it is also happening in interviews. You get in with a negative aura, and already your interviewer has judged you by that spirit. Now whatever you will be saying won't make sense to them because they have judged you and made up their minds before they could interact with you. In hospitals, you get there sick and the nurses pass you without helping you or they become busy with small things and take their time to help you. It's because of your negative energy. They look at you and assume that you are a spoilt brat from a well-off family, but you are not from a one, and you are not spoilt, you need help. It's your aura that's misleading.

At school students feel like the lectures don't like them, negative aura.

At work, you feel like your boss is on your case, and you know you are doing your job well. It's just your aura.

Guys cleanse, please!!

You should cleanse daily because you are staying in a house with money (coin) used to curse someone and that someone gets saved from the curse, and then the money and curse fall to you. Yes, you won't be cursed because it's not you who was called during their process of cursing but the energy around the money will be attached to you and manifest something. Although small, but it will be a huge impact one day.

We are seeing videos of girls having things coming out of their private parts, men having low erections and drives due to things surrounding their manhood. Trust me when your aura is pure and cleansed those things fail to manifest around you. You'd find that you are about to have sex with someone who has such, and out of nowhere that person loses interest in you, and the sex doesn't happen. That's when your aura doesn't attract that person,s negative aura.

Even when you are married and you suspect that your husband/wife is cheating, cleanse because you don't know the people they're sleeping with outside your marriage. Some girls are using dark magic to lure men.

So please buy

1. Sea salt (Epsom salt/dead salt)

2. Holy ash

3. Rainwater in a transparent 2litre bottle

3. Sage (if applicable to you)

4. White candle (if applicable to you)

On the rainwater, add two full spoons of holy ash and shake. Then when you bathe, put your sea salt, sage and pour hot water first for the sage to release its particles and salt to dissolve fast. Then as you pour in cold water, add a half cup of your 2litre water. And please don't bathe when the water is hot/warm. The coldness of the water has its unique cleansing preposition, use lukewarm water.

Before you get in, pray, and this is important, "CALL THE HEALING POWERS OF WATER, OF OCEANS, SEAS, and RIVERS into your bathtub." And then you are done.

And please those who want to go to the river alone for cleansing, it's dangerous. Please try to go with either a family member or someone you trust because when you get in the water, your ancestors will awake, and you will be in trance, and overpowered by the water, you will slip away with the water.

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