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The Most Powerful Back To The Sender, by using a piece of paper, red pen and more

This is the third back to the sender I have published today. The first two back to the sender rituals we're very similar, the only difference was that on back to the sender 1, you were supposed to use a red candle while a white candle was needed on back to the sender 2. Automatically, this is back to the sender 3, the last one I will publish today. Since you all know that the last part is always the most interesting one, this back to the sender is the most dangerous one. Unlike the first two ritual, this one has extra two products that are needed to perform it

The products which are needed to perform this ritual includes a red candle and seven needles, these were the only products which were needed to perform back to the sender 1. But in this back to the sender, there are other products, and these products includes a piece of paper and a red pen

To perform this ritual, you need to write what you want on that piece of paper using the red pen. After that you will stick seven needles on the red candle, just like the instructions on back to the sender 1 and 2. After that you start to pray, you don't have to mention names of people whom you think are doing bad things to you, your ancestors and God knows them, so there is definitely no need to panic

The instructions for this one were a little bit confusing, there is some missing information, like what you do with the paper that you wrote on. But from previous rituals that I have shared, you were supposed to burn the paper. However, the instructor who gave this instructions could have left that part with a purpose, after all, he even said this is the most dangerous ritual

For all the back to the sender rituals, and some other rituals, I would love to give credit to John "Sangoma", may he keeps on healing the nation

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