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Robert discloses Life-Threatening Things that Happened to him

Robert discloses Life-Threatening Secrets

Date: 2021/10/08

When you learn about The Troubles of such individuals you learn to see that being rich does not take away all your problems instead it just adds on to the ones you already have, as now the bigger and better you get the more you have and the people who believe in you not just depend on which is a completely different story.

The human body once it's used to the flashy lifestyle comfortable cars soft life it gets to know that it cannot go back, as that's what you have taught it, from the beginning and that's how the arrogance and confidence build up to make you the person you have always wanted to be.

The fourth Industrial Revolution is going to break or make a lot of people, so it is better as an individual do not run from your problems and take certain pills or smoke and drink your problems face them and go directly at them is that will make you a bigger person, who people gravitate towards because of the mentality that you have and I god-like features, which not everybody in this world possesses because as human beings especially adults we have this mentality of relieving stress with things that add more to it than to face it and become the bigger person.

His heart attack stemmed from him being fired from the SABC and SuperSport then he had to go and start his own YouTube channel, which is something he is not used to because the public broadcaster made him spoiled he forgot that there is a lot of grinding and working hard in starting your own thing, compared to when you just in an office and things are just coming to you easily and when it's time to pay something that is called school fees you become very surprised.

A lot of South African artists died during the change that was made by the coronavirus and the fourth Industrial Revolution, which was implemented with great force. Now people know that it is better to become your own boss fall as many times as possible and have your own thing, that doesn't follow a huge corporation that would likely fall because of the changes of the world that happen each and every 10 years.


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