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5 Basic Things To Get Isithunywa Up And Running.

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1. Prayer

2. Meditation and fasting

3. Reading the word

4. Water

5. Music

These need to be accompanied by :

A. Time (dedication)

B. Discipline

C. Consistent and Persistence

Your ancestors will start to speaks in your ear, they will use visions while you are wide awake and they will also speak through dreams. Some of us will have a higher intuition and notice our ancestors speak to us through plants and animals.

The journey of Isithunywa is a long one but it is achievelable. The symptoms of this ancestoral spirit include intense dreams, body vibrations and ears ringing, however this is just entry level. There is no student without teacher and mentor, but it does not mean you should go out looking for your mentor, when the time is right the two of you will connect, in the mean time, pray, phahla and phalaza, speak to God and your ancestors to help me understand your path before jumping right in.

A full blown isithunywa will have the ability to hear when your own ancestors speak to you and other ancestors of others directly in your ear. Isithunywa is based on faith, believing that God, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one, and they operate in you through your ancestors in prayer. While praying you connect and go to the spiritual world where everything is spoken to you, shown to you and you listen as you are being spoken to. Amen.

Photo: Twitter

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A. Time Isithunywa Prayer


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